Private Minivan Transfers From Calgary to Ski Resorts

SKI Transfer to Rockies

Enjoy the ride with a smooth and stress-free private transfer to any destination in Rockies!
  • Flexible, accommodating, and guided.
  • Real-time flight monitoring.
  • Direct communication with your driver.
  • 60 minutes of free waiting time.

Relax with this hassle-free private transfer instead of puzzling out the logistics!


Rockies with a Personal Touch

We are a small family business. We offer convenient private transfers to any destination around Calgary with a highly personal touch - cozy alternative to big companies and waiting lines! Driver contacts you in advance to ensure we have everything you need, your flight is not rescheduled and you'll not get lost at the airport.
Flexibility and your comfort is our main priorities - no rush and no strict schedules. We accommodate you wherever you want to grab a cup of coffee or make a photo stop on our way. Skip the stress and feel at home from your first hours in Alberta!
Door-to-Door <br>
Round-the-Clock Service
Round-the-Clock Service
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HAPPY customers
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COLD Tours

Private Transfers: Starting Prices per Group

No queues, no waiting times: One of our drivers will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall a sign with the passenger name. You will be taken directly to your destination stops if you need them.
Please note that additional charges may apply for holidays, special requests, and urgent requests.
BANFF Sunshine village
2 hours and 160 km of driving. Price for the 1-way transfer from/to Calgary for a group of 5+2 people.
LAKE LOUISE ski Resort
2.5 hours and 200 km of driving. Price for the 1-way transfer from/to Calgary for a group of 5+2 people.
kicking horse resort in golden
4.5 hours and 390 km of driving. Price for the 1-way transfer from/to Calgary for a group of 5+2 people.
fernie alpine resort
3.5 hours and 300 km of driving. Price for the 1-way transfer from/to Calgary for a group of 5+2 people.
*All prices in CAD ** 5 + 2 passangers means 5 full-size seats and 2 less comfortable seats in between

What We Provide

  • Meet and Assist with Luggage
  • Plenty of Space for Winter Gear
  • Direct Communication with Driver
  • Cup of Coffee if you Arrive at the Night
  • Hints and Tips on Things to Do
  • Round-the-Clock Service
  • No Tight Schedule and No Rush
  • Free Cancellation
  • Easy and Free Rescheduling

Do You Need a Transfer?

As winter blankets the landscape, painting days shorter and nights crisper, the majestic Rockies eagerly await the arrival of avid skiers! With flights and a hotel boasting breathtaking views already booked, the only question that remains is: How to reach this snow-laden paradise with ease?
In the expanse of Canada, distances between airports and resorts can span hundreds of kilometers. Navigating public transit, burdened with luggage and ski equipment, can prove a wearisome start to your mountain retreat, especially in the face of an impending blizzard.
While you could venture to solve this puzzle solo—perusing YouTube for solutions, splurging on a local taxi, or even embarking on a car rental adventure—there's an alternative that promises both comfort and convenience: the private transfer. This option not only guarantees a seamless journey but can also lead to potential savings, particularly in the event of last-minute flight delays or unforeseen health concerns.
For added peace of mind, our policies are designed with your changing circumstances in mind. Enjoy complimentary cancellations up to 3 hours prior to your scheduled arrival, and effortless time adjustments within the same day, all tailored to simplify your journey.
And in moments of urgency, take comfort in knowing we offer an "emergency" service—a mere phone call away—ensuring swift transfers to or from Calgary precisely when you need them most. Welcome to a journey where every step is crafted to prioritize your comfort and convenience.

Why Choose Private Transfers with Us?

Comfort and Flexibility: Private transfers offer unparalleled comfort and flexibility. Customize your journey to your preferences and enjoy the spaciousness that's perfect for relaxation after a long flight.
No Hassle with Flight Delays: Our private transfers are not bound by rigid schedules. If your flight is delayed, rest assured, we'll wait for you, ensuring a stress-free arrival.
Time-Saving: Skip the hassle of navigating public transport or waiting for taxis. With a private transfer, you reach your destination faster, maximizing your time for relaxation or exploration.
Cost-Efficient for Groups: Traveling with family or a group of four? A private transfer often proves more cost-effective per person compared to individual fares for taxis or other transport options.
Personalized Service and Safety: Unlike shared transportation, our private transfer provides a personalized experience. Our driver is solely focused on you and your group, enhancing safety and ensuring you receive the attention you deserve throughout the journey.

Meet and Greet Tony

Hey, I'm Tony! If you book the transfer, I'll probably be your driver.
I have a degree in medicine, but for the last 5 years, I've run a tour business making unique (and sustainable!) trips and transfers for people (with a sense of humar!) from all over the world.
Travelling is my passion! I've been to 26.5 countries, drove for 40000 km per year and spent weeks exploring deepest caves.
Lately, I've moved my business to Canada. But my goal remains the same - make your experience great wherever you're going skiing to Banff or looking for a road trip to Alaska.
In the end, what could be better than meeting new people, listening and telling stories, sharing experiences?

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