Hello World, or How we moved to Alberta
My name is Tony, I am a traveler, tour guide, and ex-doctor. Since I remember I always loved adventures, exploring and visiting new places.
My first step to becoming a tour guide was quitting the office job. I was so depressed with an office job, that there was no way to stay there. We traveled to South-East Asia for 2 months, visiting countries and speaking to the travelers. During one of the evenings, hanging out with backpackers, I realized, that that could be the way. As a traveler, I know how to help people who visit my city! 
As returned home, we started a small travel company, the first time there were only 2 of us, our ideas and a small website. We tried to do different tours, and collaborate with hotels, hostels, and other companies. It was not easy, but it was interesting and exciting. We were collecting reviews and learned what people are really looking for, and what is the most exciting for them.
First-year was hard, but we learned from our mistakes. We designed a tour and believed that it will be the best of the best. It was never booked in several years. We posted another with no hope for success and it became our best-seller, I visited Staritsa town so often, that an old lady on the local market remembered me. Our customers were English speakers from all over the world. It was an amazing experience, I loved that job. The best part of my job was the great diversity of people, their interests and background, every day the new world opened to you. I did only one bus tour, that was unbelievable hustle and a mess. A small private group is a very personal experience, instead of giving a speech and being a radio I communicate and answer questions, each group is different and unique. Some people like to tell their stories and are happy to have someone to listen to them. Some of my customers became my friends and I keep connected with them for years.
I should mention, that I lived in Moscow, which makes great sense. On the one hand, Moscow was a beautiful City, very modern and global, visited by millions of tourists. But for another hand, the government was living in its own reality. During the last decades, the vibe of social life was changing, and the future was not clear. At the very beginning of 2021 something broke and it appeared clear, that country made its decision. So did we. If you can not change your country, you can change the country for another. It took some time, and we immigrated to Canada about 6 months ago. We came to Calgary and as soon as we bought a car, we went to see the Rockies, Prairies, and all the beautiful nature of Alberta. As soon as we realized how beautiful this place is and how many people visit it each year, we decided to keep doing the same in the new place.
It's quite challenging to move to a new country. You can take your papers, some bags and money and life experience of course. But there is something that you leave, that's your social connections, friends, and relatives. It took us several months to make all the proper papers and organize our daily life. Now, as daily life is working well we work on the papers for the business and create this website. I will do a small blog about my ideas, tours, and plans. Sometimes I will post some experience of life in Alberta as an immigrant if it will be interesting for you. I need to know, what is interesting for you, don't hesitate to text or e-mail me, my contacts are available here on the website. Let's do it.

8 Aug 22