Radium Hot Springs Adventure: Explore Nature's Oasis with a Private Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Personalized 8-12 hours tour experience in the beautiful Columbia Valley
  • Flexible itinerary tailored to your preferences
  • Off the beaten path destinations to avoid crowds and enjoy the peaceful surroundings
  • Soaking in the mineral-rich Radium Hot Springs
  • Visiting the charming town of Radium and its local shops and restaurants
  • Exploring the unique geological formations of the Hoodoos
  • Opportunities to see local wildlife, including bighorn sheep and mountain goats
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An Introduction to Radium Hot Springs

Radium Hot Springs is a small community located in the Columbia Valley region of British Columbia. The town is named after the Radium Hot Springs, which are located in Kootenay National Park. The hot springs have been a popular destination for over a century and offer a unique opportunity to soak in natural hot springs surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery.
The Radium Hot Springs are rich in minerals, including calcium, sulfate, magnesium, and sodium, which are believed to have therapeutic properties. The water is also naturally heated by geothermal activity deep beneath the earth's surface. The hot springs have been visited by many notable figures over the years, including President William Howard Taft, who soaked in the pools during his visit to the area in 1911.
The Radium Hot Springs are one of the largest hot springs in Canada, with a flow rate of over 1.2 million liters per day. The water temperature is typically between 35-45°C (95-113°F), making it an ideal temperature for soaking. The hot springs are open year-round, so visitors can enjoy them no matter the season.
Aside from the hot springs, Radium is also known for its wildlife, including bighorn sheep and mountain goats. Visitors can often see these animals grazing in the nearby fields or on the hillsides. The town also offers a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, and golfing.
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...and Fairmont Hot Springs

Fairmont Hot Springs is another popular hot springs destination located in the East Kootenay region of British Columbia. The hot springs are known for their crystal-clear mineral water, which is heated naturally deep within the earth. Visitors can relax in the hot pools, which are surrounded by stunning mountain views.
In addition to the hot springs, Fairmont Hot Springs also offers a variety of activities such as golfing, skiing, and hiking. The Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is a popular destination for families, offering a variety of accommodations and amenities to suit all tastes.
The hot springs at Fairmont have been known for their therapeutic properties for hundreds of years. The water is rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and sodium, which are believed to help ease muscle tension and promote relaxation. The hot springs are also a great place to unwind after a long day of skiing or hiking in the nearby mountains.

...and Hoodoos!

Near Fairmont Hot Springs, visitors can explore the unique geological formation known as the Hoodoos. The Hoodoos are a group of tall, thin spires of rock that rise out of the earth and are formed by millions of years of erosion. The Hoodoos are made up of sedimentary rock that was deposited by ancient seas and then shaped by the forces of wind and water.
The Hoodoos are a popular destination for hiking and photography, with several trails leading to different vantage points for viewing these fascinating rock formations. Visitors can also learn about the geology of the area by reading the interpretive signs along the trails.

...and The Columbia River!

The Columbia River is a massive river that runs through British Columbia and several other western states in the US. It's so big that it's actually the fourth largest river in North America! One interesting fact about the Columbia River is that it used to regularly flood its banks, causing all sorts of havoc for the people who lived nearby. In fact, the river was known for its "Jekyll and Hyde" personality, with periods of calm followed by sudden and catastrophic flooding. It's like the river couldn't make up its mind whether it wanted to be a peaceful stream or a raging torrent!
To help control the flooding, several dams were built along the Columbia River and its tributaries. While this has certainly helped to prevent some of the more disastrous floods, it's also had some unintended consequences. For example, the dams have disrupted the natural migration patterns of many fish species, making it more difficult for them to reach their spawning grounds.
The Columbia River floodplain is a unique and beautiful ecosystem that is home to a diverse array of plants and animals. The floodplain is a flat, low-lying area along the river that is periodically inundated by floodwaters. These floods bring in nutrients and sediment, which help to create a rich and fertile environment for plant and animal life.
One of the most unique features of the Columbia River floodplain is its wetlands. Wetlands are areas that are permanently or seasonally saturated with water, and they provide critical habitat for a variety of species. In the Columbia River floodplain, wetlands are home to numerous bird species, such as waterfowl, herons, and songbirds, as well as amphibians, reptiles, and mammals.

Radium Hot Springs Private Tour

  • Private tailor-made tour for 8+ hours
  • No strict itinerary or tight schedule
  • Kia Sedona 2019 minivan with 5+2 passenger seats
  • Group price: only $620 (winter deal)

Preliminary Schedule: Banff to Radium Hot Springs Tour

8:00 AM - Calgary, Banff or any location on the way.
10:00 AM - Marble Canyon: Begin your journey by visiting Marble Canyon, located in Kootenay National Park. This beautiful canyon features a narrow gorge that has been carved out by the rushing waters of Tokumm Creek. Visitors can stroll along the suspended bridge and enjoy the views of the canyon and the surrounding forest. Time needed: 30 min - 1 hour.
12:00 AM - Radium Hot Springs: After your visit to Marble Canyon, head to Radium Hot Springs, a small village known for its natural hot springs. Enjoy a soak in the hot springs or take a stroll through the town. Be sure to stop at one of the local cafes or restaurants for lunch. Time needed: 2-3 hours.
3:00 PM - Windermere Lake: After lunch, drive to Windermere Lake, one of the largest lakes in the Columbia Valley. Take a walk along the sandy beach or relax on the shore and enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Time needed: 30 min - 1 hour.
4:00 PM - Fairmont Hot Springs: Continue your journey to Fairmont Hot Springs, another popular hot springs destination. Relax in the soothing waters or explore the nearby Hoodoos geological formation. Fairmont Hot Springs is also home to a championship golf course, so golf enthusiasts may want to consider a round of golf. Time needed: 2-3 hours.
7:00 PM - Columbia River: On your way back to Banff, take a scenic drive along the Columbia River. Enjoy the stunning views of the river and the surrounding mountains. Keep an eye out for wildlife, such as bighorn sheep and elk, that are commonly found in the area. Time needed: 30 min - 1 hour.
9:00 PM - Banff: Arrive back in Banff, where you can relax and reflect on your day trip to Radium Hot Springs and Fairmont Hot Springs.

15 Fun Facts about Radium, Fairmont, and the Columbia Valley Region

  • Did you know that Radium Hot Springs was originally called Sinclair Hot Springs, after a local businessman who built the first bathhouse in the area? The name was changed to Radium in 1920 to capitalize on the popularity of radium-based products at the time.
  • Fairmont Hot Springs is home to Canada's largest natural hot springs pool, which is over 100 feet long and features water slides and diving boards. It's like a giant bathtub, only with more strangers!
  • The Hoodoos near Fairmont Hot Springs are also known as "fairy chimneys" because of their tall, spindly shapes. They're like the rock version of a toothpick, only much more impressive.
  • The Columbia River is the fourth-largest river on the continent, spanning over 1,200 miles from its headwaters in the Rocky Mountains to its mouth in the Pacific Ocean. It's so big, you could almost sail a cruise ship down it!
  • The Kootenay River, which flows through Radium Hot Springs, is a popular spot for fly fishing. But watch out for those pesky trout - they're wily little critters!
  • The Radium Hot Springs pool was once used as a training ground for Olympic athletes, who would soak in the mineral-rich water to help speed up their recovery after workouts. So if you soak in the same pool, you're basically training for the Olympics, right?
  • The Hoodoos near Fairmont Hot Springs are made of a type of rock called "dolomite," which is named after the French geologist who discovered it. Who knew rocks could have such fancy names?
  • The Columbia River is home to several species of fish, including salmon, steelhead, and sturgeon. If you're lucky, you might even catch one - just be sure to throw it back!
  • The Radium Hot Springs pool is now wheelchair accessible, thanks to a new lift installed in 2019. So now everyone can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of soaking in hot water, no matter their ability.
  • Fairmont Hot Springs is located in the traditional territory of the Ktunaxa Nation, who have lived in the area for thousands of years. So if you see any Ktunaxa people during your visit, be sure to give them a wave!
  • The Hoodoos near Fairmont Hot Springs are estimated to be over 10,000 years old. That's older than most rock bands!
  • Radium Hot Springs was once home to a herd of bison, which were brought to the area in the early 1900s as part of a conservation effort. Unfortunately, the bison didn't stick around for long, but they left behind a lasting legacy in the town's history.
  • The Columbia River is a major source of hydroelectric power, with several dams along its length providing electricity to millions of people. So the next time you turn on a light switch, thank the Columbia River!
  • Radium Hot Springs is home to the annual Headbanger Festival, which celebrates the town's resident herd of bighorn sheep. No, it's not a heavy metal festival - although that would be pretty cool too.
  • The Hoodoos near Fairmont Hot Springs are said to have mystical powers, with some people believing that they have healing properties. So if you're feeling a little under the weather, why not take a hike to the Hoodoos and see if they work their magic on you?
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